Pages where every single pixel is built
to make more money for your business

The current pattern upon which most web pages are created is failed.

Many designers and agencies seem to be more concerned with the “artistic” aspect than with the real objective of any website: money (a.k.a. conversions). To make matters worse, many of the creative decisions are dangerously based on personal opinions and guesses.

We think differently. We believe your money deserves to be taken seriously. Each pixel on the web pages we build is intended to take conversions to your company’s highest potential, using techniques whose efficiency has been scientifically proven.

"The landing page we purchased from Supersonic doubled the number of contacts received by our commercial team."

Lucas Radd
Founder of WG Personal Finances

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Why do our web pages convert more than others?

What allows us to constantly create pages with high conversion rates isn’t just knowing various persuasive techniques.

What truly makes a difference is the fact we created an efficient working process that has been thoroughly tested and approved in different industries.

We call our work methodology “SupernovaTM.

It is the result of many years of learning—the master guide of our work. It ensures we deliver quality pages to our customers in the quickest and most reliable way possible.

We are very proud of the results achieved by Supernova, and we are confident you will be impressed with its effectiveness and accuracy once we begin working together.

How we build efficient web pages in 4 steps:

  • Research

    The essence of everything.

    We dive deep into your Analytics (if you already have a website) and interview your audience to better understand what we need to create to convert well.

    We work with data,
    not with opinions.

  • Wireframe

    Wireframes are equivalent to house plans. They show the overall structure of the page and its text content.

    No more “placeholder text.” We write all the content ourselves, optimized for conversion.

  • Design

    Time to give a final look to your page.

    Don’t expect just an aesthetically beautiful design. Aside from beauty, our layouts include every good practice in Conversion Optimization that has proven successful.

  • Implementation

    Finally, to get your page ready for launch, we create the “front end” (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.) with a visual identity that is faithful to the layout you approve.

We are mobile-friendly

It is no longer possible to attain a good conversion rate without offering a great experience to your smartphone users.

In many industries, most of the visits originate on mobile devices. If this is not the case for you yet, it probably will be soon.

That is why all our landing pages are designed from the beginning with the intent to respond equally well to desktop and mobile devices.

Frequently asked questions:

It’s hard to think of any situation where a business that has online presence shouldn’t have good landing pages. But landing pages are particularly important if any of the following situations resonate with you:

  • High bounce rates.
  • A significant part of your traffic comes from sponsored links.
  • A portion of your visitors gets to your website with one sole, clear purpose.
  • You have marketing efforts in place for a specific product or service—or you will in the future.

If you are still not sure this is for you, know that most companies we know with excellent conversion rates have this in common: they actively invest in landing pages.


One of the great advantages of landing pages is their complete independence from websites, which are more complex.

So, if you want to advertise a product, service or event, even if you don’t have a website, landing pages are a good solution for you.

In fact, we have published landing pages with such appealing results that our clients replaced their entire website for the page we created.

Of course!

If you want, we can host your landing page on a server that is safe, powerful, quick, and in which we have complete control.

This is a great option for those who don’t have a website yet or who don’t want to depend on numerous IT formalities to publish their pages.

Oh, and if you want, we can also host your page using the name of your domain in the URL. You’d have something like:

The million-dollar question. (Relax. The landing page will cost much less!)

Our price will depend on the amount of work it will take to develop the page. Since the complexity of landing page projects varies a lot from case to case, it’s impossible to establish a fixed price.

If you are wondering how much it would cost for us to create the landing page you want, it’s simple: let’s chat. Just fill out the form on this page and we will determine what the best we can do in your case is, sound good?

Although we have a complex internal process to ensure the delivery of high-quality landing pages, we work quickly.

Since the complexity of each page may vary widely, it would be irresponsible to establish a single deadline for all jobs. But we can help you get an idea of our time frame: on average, in one month we can do everything. From the beginning of our research to the launch of your landing page.

To know the exact target date for your landing page, talk to us.

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Why buy a landing page from Supersonic?

  • Icon Real Results

    On a daily basis, we deliver real results showing an increase in sales to customers from various industries.

  • Icon Responsive

    Your landing page will work both on desktops and mobile phones.

  • Icon Conversion Optimization

    We are the only agency in Brazil that is 100% focused on Conversion Optimization.

  • Icon Hosting

    If you want, we can host your website on secure and fast servers, avoiding any headache IT problems may cause you.

  • Icon Fixed Price

    The price of the project is established at the very beginning. That way you know exactly how much you will pay. No “overtime” surprises in the future.