An entire team full of successful projects,
dedicated to increasing the number of conversions on your pages

Leave all the Conversion Optimization tasks of your company to us. From planning to testing, going through design and implementation. Our Full Consulting takes everything over for you.

Even if you already know that Conversion Optimization (CRO) is highly lucrative, handling it internally is complicated. Professionals who are truly qualified and experienced in this topic are rare. And they are not cheap at all.

To solve this problem for large and medium-sized businesses, we created an unprecedented service.

You hire Supersonic and, from there, we take over every task related to Conversion Optimization in your company. We support you with every professional needed to plan, create, and implement more effective pages on your website, be it an e-commerce or a corporate site.

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In the last 2 years, we increased our customers’ conversion rate by an average of


Average based on proven A/B test results.

How do we get such aggressive results?

  • 1

    Diving into your business and market:

    For starters, we will understand how your market really works.

    What is the consumer behavior like? What are the strengths of the main players? What are their weaknesses?

    As we get to know your ecosystem, we will better understand how you can make more money.

  • 2

    In-person training:

    To engage your team in a data-driven culture with constant optimization, we will personally visit your company to hold a training session.

    In it we’ll explain how our methodology works and how each staff member present can maximize the results of the project.

  • 3

    Quantitative analysis
    Digital Analytics:

    We will dive into your online measurement tools (such as Google Analytics) and find out what works and what doesn’t work on your website. Besides that, we will install some additional tools that always provide valuable insights.

    Which pages are bleeding more money? Which opportunities should be prioritized? Many questions start to get answered here.

  • 4

    Qualitative analysis audience research:

    True research cannot be limited to quantitative tools.

    Through our agile research processes, we will hear straight from your audience answers to questions such as: What really makes customers buy? What makes leads give up on closing a deal?

  • 5

    More studies:

    As you can probably tell, we are crazy about data. Our experience has taught us not to believe personal opinions, but rather believe insights based on information.

    For this reason, we complement our research with usability testing, customer journey mapping, and a few more helpful cards we have up our sleeves.

  • 6

    Identify and prioritize opportunities:

    Believe us—when we get to this point, we will have already identified several opportunities for improvement on your site.

    But a very important step in the optimization process is to know where to start. Our exclusive methodology of prioritizing opportunities comes in quite handy here.

  • 7

    Improvement implementation:

    Once our opportunity has been defined, our team starts getting their hands dirty.

    We will create the wireframe, the copy (“text content”), the design, and the HTML of what we think should change on your site.

  • 8

    A/B Testing:

    Unlike most of the market, we’ll never try to convince you that our suggestion is better than what is currently on your page.

    On the contrary—we will run A/B test for each change we suggest, which is the most scientifically reliable way to find out if one version is better than the other.

  • 9

    Publishing the test:

    If the A/B test scientifically proves that our suggestion will bring more money to your site, we will officially publish it.

  • 10

    Next opportunity:

    Companies with the best conversion rates never cease to invest in improvements. And that’s exactly how our consulting works.

    As we complete a test, we return to step 7 and determine what is the next great opportunity ahead of us.

Our methodology has led to results like these:

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increase in

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increase in
number of leads

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increase in number
of contacts

This will probably be the service with the highest ROI
in your entire digital marketing strategy.

Why do our web pages convert more than others?

What allows us to constantly create pages with high conversion rates isn’t just knowing various persuasive techniques.

What truly makes a difference is the fact we created an efficient working process that has been thoroughly tested and approved in different industries.

We call our work methodology “SupernovaTM.

It is the result of many years of learning—the master guide of our work. It ensures we deliver quality pages to our customers in the quickest and most reliable way possible.

We are very proud of the results achieved by Supernova, and we are confident you will be impressed with its effectiveness and accuracy once we begin working together.

Filipe Reis

Every day, you’ll have access to an open communication channel with the internationally experienced consultants who will take care of your project.

In Full Consulting mode, your project is handled by consultants who deliver consistent results to the most diverse business models and markets.

And you can still count on numerous communication channels to contact us whenever you need, without any kind of obstacle.

Know that our team will always be accessible regardless of how many states, countries or time zones stand between us.

After all, since the first day of Supersonic, we have provided successful services to customers who are physically distant.

We really take care of the project from end to end.

  • You will have a dedicated project manager to ensure that all tasks are executed quickly and within the established deadline.
  • If you want, our project manager can also manage the tasks and deadlines that involve your team. This way the project doesn’t get stuck because someone on your side forgot to deliver something.
  • Our team can also take over the front-end design and production of the tests we suggest. This is a great solution so that you don’t overwhelm your team with demands and run the risk of slowing down the project while waiting for designers or programmers to be available.

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Why hire the Supersonic consultancy?

  • Ícone Resultados Reais

    On a daily basis, we deliver real results showing an increase in sales to customers from various industries.

  • Ícone CRO

    You get a full CRO team continually working to increase your conversions.

  • Ícone Metodologia Eficiente

    The methodology we created ourselves is truly data-driven and has attested efficiency.

  • Ícone Performance

    Part of the payment is based on performance. You only pay if we deliver really good results to you.