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  • Receive exclusive recommendations from A/B testing with what we believe you need for your site to convert more.
  • Access all information online, in an exclusive app for Supersonic customers.
  • Everything is done by the same team of consultants that has made millions of dollars for companies of all sizes.

Understand how the audit works:

Website analysis

A/B testing ideas

  • What is your Supersonic Score?

    Our team will assess each of your main pages and give them a Supersonic Score—a score based on our own methodology, which has been tested and approved by companies in diverse market segments.

  • Get a menu full of valuable opportunities

    Along with your Supersonic Score, you will have access to an online report detailing what is wrong with your pages—what is making them lose conversions daily.

  • Find out how to take advantage of these opportunities

    You will receive a list with our suggested changes to fix the problems identified during the audit of your website. You can apply these changes on your own or you can hire us to develop and test them with the reliability of our A/B testing process.

All of this is done in a span of just 15 days.

What is included:

Icon analytics tool

In your analytics tool:

  • Complete analysis of your entire Analytics tool (i.e.: Google Analytics) to identify where money is leaking from your site.
  • Assessment of your conversion funnel (the path followed by the user to become your customer).
  • Assessment of your sources of traffic and adaptation of your landing pages to these visitors.
Icon other sources

In other sources:

  • User Experience (UX) breakdown of the entire site via heuristic analysis.
  • Website efficiency assessment for each step of your customer’s purchase cycle.
  • Heatmapping and scrollmapping setup and analysis to understand where people look and what they click on during their visit to your website.
  • Recording of user navigation to understand their behavior.
Icon analysis

After the analysis:

  • A/B testing ideas with high potential to increase your conversion rate.
  • Recommendations on techniques, tools and processes for you to continuously optimize your conversion rate.
  • Two-hour workshop to present analyses results, pass on instructions, and answer any questions.
  • Suggestions of arguments to persuade your audience into conversion.
  • Suggestions of specific adjustments in copywriting (adding, removing or editing content) to increase page effectiveness.
  • Recommendations for improvement in your value proposition according to the expectations of your audience.

Who will audit your website?

Your audit is performed by our team at Supersonic, a pioneer consulting firm specializing in Conversion Optimization. We have a history of helping businesses from a myriad of segments increase their revenue.

There are no better hands you could be in. And how can you be so sure?

Meet some of our customers and see what we’ve done for them:

Logo: Rock Content


increase in
lead generation

Logo: Sambatech


increase in
conversion rate

Logo: RS1


increase in
e-commerce revenue

Some of the companies that have hired our auditing services include:

  • Logo: 99 Jobs
  • Logo: Ar
  • Logo:
  • Logo: Conta Mobi
  • Logo: Fundação Torino
  • Logo: Somattos
  • Logo: Super Lógica
"Supersonic’s audit brought us a comprehensive and detailed analysis of our website. We were pleased with the suggestions for improvement we received."

Juliana Grunwald
Head of Growth at 99Jobs

Conversion Optimization Audit
is a great investment if you:

  • Realize you should improve your conversion rate but don’t know exactly how to begin.
  • Are looking for A/B testing ideas with the potential to cause great impact on your revenue.
  • Want to set a powerful Conversion Optimization roadmap for the work of your team or agency over the next few months.
  • Are not achieving significant increases in revenue with A/B testing.
  • Want to increase the return on your investments in online media and SEO.
  • Or simply want guidance from the best Conversion Optimization professionals in Brazil.

To ensure we give you the best value possible, it is important that you comply with these 3 conditions:

  • Have Google Analytics (or a similar tool) installed for your website and provide us with viewing access.
  • At least 3 months’ history on your Analytics account.
  • Website in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

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    All the work is accomplished in only 15 days.