How one of the biggest real estate companies in Brazil increased its site’s conversion rate by 604%

Examine this case study and learn a few of the techniques we applied on Casa Mineira’s website to multiply the conversion rate sevenfold, turning visitors into effective contacts.

If you are from Belo Horizonte, you certainly know Casa Mineira Imóveis.

If not, here is the rundown: with a 30-year history and thousands of real estate properties, Casa Mineira is proud to be the biggest real estate company in the state of Minas Gerais.

Despite decades of experience, Casa Mineira is not one of those companies that get stuck in time. A few years ago, they made 100% of their real estate listings available on their own website, aside from investing heavily in online media.

When Casa Mineira approached Supersonic, just like many of our clients, they presented us with the following problem:


“We spend a lot on online media and we have a good number of visitors on the site. But we feel we should convert more of these visits into effective contacts for our brokers. What should we do?”

Casa Mineira knew that increasing its conversion rate was the smartest strategy for the situation at hand, and it sought us out to handle the problem.

Now look at what we did.

Where are the problems, truly?

One of the most common mistakes made by those with little experience in Conversion Optimization is starting their projects by applying changes that, in theory, are improvements.

Our years of experience in digital marketing have taught us something important: if you base your changes simply on the personal opinion of someone who seems to know what to say (or who is in charge), the chances of changing for the worse are incredibly high.

So, before changing the simplest of pixels on Casa Mineira’s site, we went into deep research involving the following points:


  • Interviews with Casa Mineira’s different audiences..
  • Quantitative and qualitative surveys with site visitors..
  • Analysis of the site’s clickstream tool (Google Analytics).
  • Understanding visitors’ anxieties and needs.
  • Assessment of user experience through specific tools and processes.

This meticulous study fed us with precise and solid information about what were Casa Mineira’s real problems and what we needed to offer visitors in order to turn them into customers.

That is why while some prefer to trust in someone’s fragile personal opinions, we choose to trust in science.

“Filling the holes in the funnel”

One of the most efficient strategies to increase the conversion rate on a lot of sites is:

  1. Identifying what are the essential actions a visitor needs to carry out to become a customer—the conversion funnel.
  2. Assessing the problems of each step of the funnel.
  3. Correcting them.

We like to call this process “filling the holes in the funnel.” After all, when we fix the problems in your conversion funnel, we are filling the holes through which your visitors end up falling before converting.

In Casa Mineira’s case, the conversion funnel is very clear:

To get in touch with a broker—the channel’s objective—the user who enters the site needs to be sufficiently motivated to perform a search. Then he needs to be able to find at least one property that interests him. And, lastly, he needs to decide to get in touch to visit the property and obtain more information.

Want to know what were our major changes to “fill the holes” identified in each of these steps? Sit tight.


How we increased search volume

The first challenge was making users who came to the site through the homepage—the main landing page—perform a search.

As we reviewed the homepage, Google Analytics data and supplementary heat map reports (which show where users click the most on a page) pointed out an interesting fact: users ignored most of the content. Banners, sale opportunities, rent opportunities… nothing caught their attention. What they wanted was the search feature, discretely located on the top right corner of the page.


On Casa Mineira’s old homepage, most of the content did not interest users. All they cared about was the search.

So, we had the following scenario: the only content that truly interested the audience on the homepage was the search field. The very area to which we needed to direct users.

What to do? Simple, isn’t it? Give more emphasis to the search system and get rid of what didn’t matter. That’s what we proposed with the new homepage:



On the new homepage, we got rid of all the content that didn’t help with conversions and didn’t interest users. The search became the big star.

In addition to giving more emphasis to the search system, we initially made it simpler, displaying fewer fields to fill. The idea is that the fewer fields you have to fill, the easier the user is convinced to perform a search.

Still on the homepage, we invested in some content to help distinguish Casa Mineira from their competitors and increase motivation to conduct the search:



To convince users to take a chance on Casa Mineira (perform a search), we added some key information that makes the company stand out.

How we made it easier to find a property

In our surveying of site visitors, we found that half of the people who were not satisfied with the site blamed their dissatisfaction on several problems associated with the search tool.

Clearly, we had a big hole in the funnel to fill.

And, to understand in detail what those problems were, among other things, we ran usability testing. In these tests, we reviewed the navigation of users who represent Casa Mineira’s target audience, and we identified how to improve their experience on the site.

The result was a complete redesign of the search tool.

We had already identified that the common user on Casa Mineira’s site performs numerous searches and uses a number of filters on the results before selecting a property. There was no point in trying to change this inherent behavior in the target audience.

So, we worked to make the search/filter experience the most agile and non-obstructive possible. We made the path the user needed to go through as easy as possible.



The search tool and filter adjustments were completely redesigned to facilitate the visitors’ task of finding real estate within their profiles.

Making the property listing page more efficient

In the last step of the site’s conversion funnel, we have the page with specific information about the property the visitor is interested in.

Among the major changes we made on the page is the resetting of the call to action through which we guide the user to contact Casa Mineira’s brokers—our main objective.

On the old page, we had a call to action that was very timidly placed. To make matters worse, we had 6 completely different content pieces in the same zone.



The old call to action zone had 6 different calls to action. This caused the visitors a lot of confusion, hindering the conversion rate.

With so many different options in a similar visual hierarchy, the visitor felt a bit lost and uncertain about what would be the best decision for him.

In our redesign, the main call to action zone is very clear and direct:



This was the new call to action we proposed.

Here we gave two clear options for contact: phone number (through which a user can either call or receive a call) and e-mail address with an auto-filled message.

In addition, the field visually stands out from the rest of the page, leaving the possibility of making contact as an open invitation to the user.


The results

It is virtually impossible to talk about all techniques and changes applied to Casa Mineira’s new website. So, we decided to share in this study only some of the most interesting approaches so that you can understand the essence behind everything we did, then adapt it to your projects.

However, no case study can be taken seriously if it does not speak clearly of its results.

So, let’s get to them.

As you must’ve seen in the title of this page, we increased Casa Mineira’s site conversion rate by 604%.

Remember, for this project, “conversion” (the site’s objective) means: numbers of visitors who contact a broker.

As always, this increase was scientifically proven by A/B testing, the most reliable methodology to identify whether a new page (or site) is truly more effective than its previous version.

This means that for each contact that used to be made to a broker thanks to the site, Casa Mineira now receives 7.04 contacts.

But of course, we would have never gotten these results if Casa Mineira had not been so cooperative in each step of the work. From the initial information gathering to the efforts to implement our instructions.

For that reason, we’d like to publicly thank all of those who were involved in the project. They are just as responsible for its success as we are.


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