How we multiplied the conversion rate of ERPFlex’s platform by more than 100 times with a landing page

In this case study, you will see the results that Supersonic achieved by creating two landing pages focused on conversion



Written by Fábio Roberto Borges


ERPFlex brought to the market a management solution that is 100% cloud, with the advantage of adapting well to different business settings.

In this industry, on one hand there are very expensive management system solutions built on demand. On the other hand, there are inexpensive but very limited solutions that do not adapt to the processes that medium to large companies use. That is why ERPFlex filled an important gap in the market, offering a solution that our budget can handle and that is flexible to adapt to what each company truly needs.

In addition, the head of the company is Ernesto Haberkorn, one of the most renowned ERP professionals in Brazil, author of important books on the subject and founder of Totvs.


What was the setting like at ERPFlex?

ERPFlex does not sell its management system directly on the site. In other words, you cannot create an account and begin using the system immediately. This speaks to the company’s value proposition, selling a management system that adapts to the customer’s own processes and reality. The system is only implemented after a careful study and diagnosis of each customer, ensuring that the system will really be able to meet expectations.

Therefore, the main conversion rate on ERPFlex’s site is qualified lead generation for the sales team (SQL — Sales Qualified Leads).This means that the objective of the site is to be able to contact potential customers (prospects) who will get a call from the sales team, who is responsible for introducing the product in detail and answering specific questions.



Overall conversion flow — ERPFlex

Did ERPFlex’s perform this task well?

As is common in many businesses and industries, ERPFlex’s site basically had an institutional essence to it. It was a site with multiple pages introducing the company and its activities, but without a specific focus to accomplish the desired conversion—generating contacts for potential customers.

The results of the institutional site, in terms of conversion, were not enough for the company to reach its growth objective, and it was overlooking a dormant sales generation potential.

Supersonic’s solution for this client was to create a landing page focused on conversion. A persuasive page with strong selling arguments and with an emphasis on conversion.

What was the process of creating the landing page like?

Supersonic has a well-defined process for creating landing pages that truly convert. After all, you need to deeply understand the decision-making process of the potential customer to arrange the company’s selling arguments correctly; to align them perfectly with the pains and the tasks that the customer needs to deal with.

A Supersonic tem um processo bem definido para criação de landing pages que realmente convertem. Afinal, é preciso compreender profundamente o processo de decisão de compra do cliente potencial, para que sejam apresentados de forma correta os argumentos de venda da empresa, que tenham o ajuste perfeito com as dores e tarefas que o cliente precisa cumprir.

The first step in the process of creating the landing page was understanding the company’s business model and all aspects of its value proposition. Supersonic has a structured way of understanding what the company offers to the market, as well as what the attributes and benefits of the products it offers to the market are. This immersion is really important so that Supersonic’s consultants have at least the same level of knowledge about the product and the market as the client’s team.

Then, we analyzed user behavior on the site to understand various elements, such as:

  • Which points fostered more interest on the site;
  • Where users left the site;
  • Which were the most visited pages.

In this project, we also sent surveys to several of the company’s audiences with the intent to gather actual customer opinion on the product and to map any objections related to the time of purchase.

Pesquisa com clientes ERP Flex

Survey with ERPFlex customers


After that, we set out to actually create the page, following a creative model based on techniques such as building a Unique Selling Proposition (USP); turning attributes into benefits that alleviate customer pains and help them in their tasks; using persuasive principles; among others.

The ERPFlex landing page’s first fold shows the page’s focus on conversion, highlighting characteristics that make the product unique. It also establishes the authority of the product, which was conceived by Brazil’s leading expert in management systems.

Landing page - ERP Flex

First fold of landing page – ERPFlex


As mentioned earlier, the mastermind behind ERPFlex is one of the most renowned professionals in Brazil when it comes to management software. Quoting said professional, Ernesto Haberkorn, was essential to building the authority upon which the offer is based. In this case, it wasn’t hard to choose an excerpt out of everything Ernesto Haberkorn has said about his role in the company. After all, he personally uses a great portion of his time to go back to basics and contribute to the programming of the software. The image below shows how we were able to transfer the authority of the professional to the software’s offer with just one quote.



Another important point to explore in a conversion-focused page is to be clear about how the offer is built. Often companies miss the chance to show their structure and to say something about the people behind the business. So if you have a big or a small team, a broad or a cozy working space, showing this side of your business will contribute to increasing empathy towards your company. In ERPFlex’s case, it is hard to imagine the size of a company that offers management software. That is why we showed photos of the company on the page, and we highlighted the benefits that customers receive due to being taken care of by a company that has more than 120 contributors.


What were the results?

As soon as ERPFlex’s landing page went live, the client immediately felt the increase of qualified leads it started to generate. Since at Supersonic we are guided by numbers, being able to measure the page’s success objectively was very important.

The old site with an institutional feel converted, at the time, 0.04% of the visitors into business opportunities. That means that out of 2,500 visitors, one became a lead for the sales team. The numbers achieved by Supersonic can be seen in the image below:

Resultados LP ERP Flex

That’s right. The landing page created by Supersonic currently converts 5.14% of visitors into business opportunities. That’s an increase of more than 100 times in the conversion rate (133 times, to be precise). So now, out of 20 visitors, 1 becomes a business opportunity.

A new challenge: ecommerceFlex page

With the positive results on the ERPFlex page, the client trusted Supersonic with one more challenge: creating a landing page for its new product: ecommerceFlex.

This time, the company decided to bet on having only one sales page for its new product, attracting qualified traffic to the page through online media campaigns.

EcommerceFlex is an e-commerce platform with a native ERP with the same signature as ERPFlex, which stands out by enabling the creation of the entire store in the client’s visual identity. On this platform, the client only needs to register his products and launch his online store.


The process established to create the ecommerceFlex page was the same as the ERPFlex page. The greatest challenge about this page, as a new product, was building along with the client an understanding about the value proposition it would offer to the market, prioritizing the attributes and benefits of the offer. Supersonic played an important role as the client’s strategic partner for the ecommerceFlex product, positioning the platform correctly despite the large number of players in the market.

See below the first fold on ecommerceFlex’s landing page, highlighting how easy it is to have an online store with ecommerceFlex. To show the quality of the design work, the page introduced BeerNation’s online store, which was created by the team of designers at ecommerceFlex. The emphasis on the structure that the platform provides for shopkeepers to continue growing through different business models is also shown on the first fold.


Landing page ecommerceFlex

First fold of landing page – ecommerceFlex

And what were the results?

The landing page that Supersonic created was the only page built for the new product. So there was no way to compare to previous versions, like in ERPFlex’s case.

However, it is easy to notice that the results were also very positive. For this product, the client currently has a conversion rate of 6.38%. Given the complex nature of the decision to adopt an e-commerce platform and the tremendous competitiveness of the market, these figures show that the page performs extremely well.


Resultados LP ecommerceFlex

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