How we created a new site for Rock Content and increased conversions by more than 150%

Enhance your business with key insights from our rework on the website of one of the greatest startups in Brazil.

rock content

Rock Content, the gigantic Content Marketing service provider, requested that we create a new website for their company, completely focused on converting users into leads (interested contacts) for their sales department.

A great responsibility and, above all, quite a challenge. After all:

  • They are one of the greatest startups in Latin America.
  • Restructuring a website is a strategic project on which numerous company goals and plans depend.
  • Our mission was not as simple as improving performance on a random website made by amateurs. We needed to create something significantly better than a website made by professionals who educate and qualify much of the Digital Marketing industry in Brazil.In other words, they know what they’re doing on the internet, which set the first hurdle pretty high.

But if there is one thing that motivates great Conversion Optimization professionals, it’s a good challenge. So, it was clearly an honor for us to accept their invitation and get to work.

In this article, we will share with you some insights we used while creating Rock Content’s website, which may be helpful for your business, whatever your niche. We will also share the results we achieved with this project, in which we proposed to create an entire website with CRO techniques. Of course, we improved the conversion rate, but also accomplished secondary effects such as increasing website traffic.

Let’s get to it!

Why is CRO essential to a company like Rock Content?

For starters, watch this quick video with two of Rock Content’s founders, Vitor Peçanha and Diego Gomes. They explain the importance of this project to Rock Content’s strategy.

Determining the main appeal

One of the fundamental steps of our work is determining the main appeal in the “speech” we gear towards visitors to convince them to convert. The appeal is usually based on a Unique Selling Proposition we identify in our client. In other words, something that no competitor can do better.

In Rock Content’s case, we decided to gather inspiration from Benjamin Franklin to determine our appeal:

Here’s a clear explanation: Rock Content is a company that actually puts to use the marketing services it sells. And this is extremely powerful in making the offer reliable, especially because Rock Content has spectacular marketing results to show for itself.

The company grew 300% in one year by applying the Content Marketing services it provides. It is living proof that the services work—and boy, do they!

And since Benjamin Franklin taught us that nothing beats a good example, we decided that this would be our main appeal on the site. Not by chance, it is used in the most noble part of the most visited web page on the site, the home page:


rock content

We showed that Rock Content is living proof of the effectiveness of its own services.

Give the people what they want

Often, simply listening to users can help us understand what we must do to increase our conversion rate. So, we conducted several types of surveys, both online and offline, with Rock Content visitors and customers.

In one of these surveys, we asked users what they considered to be the most important information to them when it came to choosing a Content Marketing agency. And more than one-third of the users (35%, to be exact) said: the company’s success stories.

Since Rock Content has numerous positive experiences with its customers, it seemed obvious: invest heavily in the success stories and their visibility.

Right in the home page, you can see the emphasis placed on case studies:

exemplo de case rock content

And on the success stories page, we created the most intuitive and inviting navigation possible to bring users into the legion of customers who are satisfied with Rock Content:

cases rock content

When we surveyed their audience, a common behavior began to manifest itself. Many people did not understand well how content marketing services provided by Rock Content could help their businesses grow faster.

This became even more evident when 37% of the users told us they visited Rock Content’s website to better understand how their services could help them.

With these numbers in hand, we decided to create a different page describing their services. Instead of organizing the page based on the products Rock Content offered, we organized it based on the users’ objectives:

serviços rock content

This makes it is easier for users to understand, at the same time, the services offered by Rock Content and how content marketing can help them in their specific needs.

On your pages, make an effort to always remove the spotlight away from yourself. Focus it on your user. If we had created the services page from Rock Content’s perspective, we would have surely organized their services similarly to how the company already does internally, how it is used to seeing them.

Instead, we decided to think like the user and organize these services based on the possible needs they may have. This is a great example of a mindset that truly focuses on the user. But it’s so easy to end up forgetting that in the day to day routine. So always be watchful.


A website that did not represent the true size of the company

A substantial part of our clients has one characteristic in common: they experience rapid growth. And such companies usually have websites that do not reflect the size of their current structure.

It is a serious but understandable problem. After all, a website often takes months to be finished. And we don’t know any company that made its website only to have it replaced in less than a year.

But in that minimum time frame of “one year and a few months,” it is common to have clients who double in size. Rock Content itself grew 300% in only one year. The problem is inevitable: the site, after more than a year of life, reflects a much smaller-sized company than its actual reality.

Rock Content was aware of the problem and knew this was costing them sales daily. After all, the less structured a company seems to be, the less influence it has on its audience. Therefore, since the initial brief, Rock Content made it clear that it expected us to show the real size of the company on its website.

The best way to convey the image of a large and well-structured company is by building authority. And we invested in that throughout the entire site. Here is some of the information we used to increase Rock Content’s authority:

  • Customers greeted by testimonies from reputable professionals.
  • 500,000 people impacted monthly by content produced by the company.
  • Well-produced photos of the company’s headquarters and staff.
  • Size of the team, over 100 employees.
  • Millions of reais (BRL) received from international investment funds.

Every company has pieces of information that help build authority. Some are obvious. Others need deeper study. But be sure to find yours because they are fundamental to earning your visitors’ trust.

People want to deal with people

Despite technology being a common factor in the daily life of an increasing number of people, it is still far from replacing human relationship. Same thing applies in the business world.

That is why one conscious effort we made on the site was relaying to the visitor the quantity (and quality) of people involved in providing great services at Rock Content. This “humanizing” effort increases service reliability and tends to make the user feel more at ease to get in touch with the company.

That is why you will find several photos of the Rock Content team throughout the site. In fact, entire sections are dedicated to introducing to the users those responsible for the services provided by the company:



Talent recruitment: a conversion that could be worth more than a customer

Companies that grow at a pace as accelerated as Rock Content’s face a challenge that is often more difficult than converting customers: attracting talented professionals to their teams.

That is exactly why the recruitment section of the site got its share of attention. Rather than treating it as any other page, we spent on it the same amount of effort that we dedicated to strategic pages meant for lead generation.

And the objective is basically the same: “to sell” something to the visitor. The difference is that on this page we are “selling” the opportunity to work for Rock Content.


vagas na rock content

The most successful entrepreneurs in history unanimously agree that a great company can only be built by a great team. So, don’t undermine the recruiting section of your site. Give it at least the same amount of attention you give to your other pages.

Immediate results

If you are familiar with our case studies, you know they all speak of real results achieved by our work. And we are sticking to the norm this time.

In less than two months after launching the new site, Rock Content reported a growth of 150% in generated leads.



Delivering results of this magnitude to a company that already had sophisticated marketing actions was extremely gratifying for us. And this was only possible because we had the confidence, support, and courage of the entire Rock Content team. Once again, we express our gratitude to them.

What about SEO?

Obviously, the most important measurement really is the conversion of visitors into leads/customers. However, as mentioned before, in this project we had another great “secondary” improvement, which was very interesting:

The organic traffic on Rock Content’s site improved by more than 30% right in the first few months after it launched.

We’ve highlighted this measurement because many companies (especially those that are very focused on SEO) still do not feel confident enough to write content for their users instead of for search bots.

We hope the results achieved by Rock Content—with a website that is 100% focused on user conversion—serves as evidence that Conversion Optimization and SEO are tasks that can and should go hand in hand. One does not impair the other.

And that was just the beginning

If you have been reading our content for a while, you know that CRO requires never-ending work. Everything that improves can improve even more.

Therefore, since our first discussion, both Rock Content and we had a clear vision in mind: the new website is only the beginning of our Conversion Optimization work.

The entire site was planned, from layout to code, to facilitate the constant running of A/B tests. Ultimately, the speed at which a company is able to implement its tests directly affects its capacity to grow.


The expression we used in the project was literally “building a playground”—a website that is so inviting that we can “play” with all types of tests without serious complications.

Unfortunately, this is a point that the vast majority of companies does not take into account when they’re revamping their websites. Often irrelevant visual complexities are added without considering how these “details” can cost more (in hours, money, and opportunities) as they escalate the intricacies of the site.

Fight to keep things simple. The easier it is to edit your site, the easier you’ll be able to run tests on it. And the more tests you run, the greater is your potential for growth.

Want proof that this effort is worth it?

Rock Content’s site has been up for a short period of time, but we ran an A/B test and already got an increase of  50% in the conversion rate:

This is evidence that we can always improve something that is good. And that is why CRO never ends.

Need help increasing your conversions?

Whether you’re thinking about making adjustments to your site or, like Rock Content, want to revamp it completely, we can help.

How about we chat so we can understand how to work together to increase your conversion rate?

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