How we multiplied conversions for Samba Tech, one of the most innovative companies in the world

In this case study, you will understand in detail what we did to dramatically increase the conversion rate of a company that is one of the most admired tech companies in Brazil and one of the most innovative in the world: Samba Tech. Watch the video above to understand what Samba’s marketing team thinks about Conversion Optimization (CRO) and how this fits into the company’s overall strategy.


If you are up to date with the technology and innovation market in Brazil, you’ve definitely heard of Samba Tech. The company was founded by entrepreneur Gustavo Caetano, who the American press has compared to Mark Zuckerberg.

Samba performs in an extremely competitive segment: management and distribution of online videos. And if you think a Brazilian company can’t stand out in a marketplace inhabited by wealthy giants such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo, think again. Samba Tech currently stands as the leading online video platform in Latin America, besides having recently entered the U.S. market with a new product.

To survive in a setting like this, the excellent marketing team at Samba Tech knows there is one topic that is especially important: Conversion Optimization (CRO). Here is what they say:

pedro filizzola“The modern marketing professional needs to focus on data, and conversion is one of the major indicators to know if the whole effort of attraction and promotion of your service/technology is generating results—if your visits are turning into leads and customers. When we saw the potential we’d have with the site, we sought who we considered the benchmark in CRO to help us make the site worthy of an ‘employee of the month’ award every month.  Once we began to work with Supersonic, we were able to internally absorb the culture of hack testing. This has helped increase our demand generation exponentially.”

Pedro Filizzola, CMO of Samba Tech.

With enough maturity to understand the importance of Conversion Optimization in a competitive market, Samba Tech approached us so we could take over the responsibility of increasing the company’s conversion rates.With our CRO Consulting, we became the “Conversion Optimization team” at Samba Tech.

You will understand in detail what were our great challenges and what we did to deliver unprecedented optimization results to Samba. Many of the following insights will certainly be helpful for you in your current marketing challenges.


How to explain a complex product efficiently

The solutions Samba Tech provides for online videos are highly sophisticated products with several resources and different applications. One of the difficulties found regarding the site (which also affected the commercial team) was conveying to the leads the value behind these products without confusing them.

After all, besides the natural complexity of the products, many visitors who are interested don’t understand the latest technology necessary to manage and distribute videos online.

It was immediately clear we’d have to overcome a specific challenge throughout the project: convey the value behind Samba’s solutions in an agile and accessible way.

The good news is we have a way to do this which has already brought us positive results numerous times: focus on the benefits.

Most professionals, when they describe their company’s product, mistakenly focus their speech on the product’s features. The more the professional is involved in creating the product, the more often this mistake happens.


The big problem is that users don’t want to just know the wonderful features and technical details behind your product. What they want to know is much simpler (and often more difficult to respond):


How will this make my life better? Which of my problems will this solve?

In other words, forget your product’s features. Focus on introducing the benefits it will bring to the user’s life.

Want an example? Look at the sentence we use to summarize the Samba Play product, in the noblest section of the page:



We don’t talk about anything technical or complex. What we talk about is what, based on our studies, we found to be the problem that the target audience of this product wants to solve the most: to create a channel to sell their videos by subscription, ideally by credit card. No technical details or advanced features. All of that can wait.

Study your pages and assess yourself: are you focusing on the benefits instead of the features? If the answer is negative, you have a big clue as to what can increase your conversions.

70% increase in the conversion rate: making an offer that cannot be turned down

Sometimes, when what you offer to your user is highly beneficial, all you need to do to increase your conversion rate is make the “offer” the star of the page.

As we assessed Samba’s processes, we noticed something that worked well in the sales department: how the interface and features of Samba’s platform were presented to interested contacts. These potential customers were curious, and viewing the platform helped them understand the benefits they would have if they hired Samba Tech’s solutions.

So, we decided to try to explore the users’ interest in interacting with the platform by implementing on the website an unprecedented offer: a free trial.

Free trials can be interesting offers to be tested because they demand relatively little from visitors: usually only some personal information. And the less you demand from a visitor before he converts, the greater tends to be your conversion rate.


But beware: you need to guarantee a positive user experience during the trial and have an effective sales structure to turn these free trials into paying customers. In Samba Tech’s case, the platform is excellent, and the sales team, very well-prepared. So, implementing a free trial on the website made perfect sense.

We decided to test this offer on the noblest part of Samba’s site: above the fold on the homepage.

It used to look like this:



And we turned it into this:


With this visually simple (but strategically complex) change, we were able to increase the site’s conversion rate by a surprising 70%.

It is important to highlight that the conversion being measured was marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) generated. Therefore, we maintained the quality of contacts generated, even with the volume increasing dramatically.


Changing the homepage inside out… and increasing conversion by more than 122%

After achieving an increase of more than 70% on the homepage’s conversion rate, it would be “normal” to assume we wouldn’t make other big changes on it, right?

WRONG! One of the basic principles of Conversion Optimization is that EVERYTHING can improve. And we saw another great opportunity to further increase conversion results in the homepage. So why not try?

Our strategy was to turn the site’s homepage into the sales page of a specific product: Samba Videos. The goal of this emphasis was to reflect the industry’s behavior—at the time, Samba Videos was Samba Tech’s most popular product, representing the ideal solution to most of the visitors.

It may seem counterintuitive and risky to effectively flee the classic concept of a homepage. But why should we trust that users who come to the site would seek and find the page that talked about Samba Videos? If this is what the great majority of them wants and needs, why not use the homepage to introduce (and sell) Samba Videos? So that’s what we did.

We replaced the winning homepage you saw above for this long sales page about Samba Videos (click on the image to expand):



The result was amazing. Despite challenging a version of the page which had already increased the conversion rate by 70%, the homepage with an emphasis on Samba Videos was able to beat it by generating more than double the number of conversions (qualified leads). The end result was an increase of 122% in the conversion rate.

Turning the page about the company into a conversion channel

Many companies have an excellent conversion channel currently dormant on their websites—the page about the company (or “about us”).

In Samba Tech’s case, this page has tremendous potential. Think: Samba Tech is admired internationally. It is a symbol of innovation and technology. It is not surprising that we identified a substantial volume of highly-engaged traffic accessing the “about Samba” page, featuring its history and beliefs.

And make no mistake. Many users who are interested in hiring the company also access this page to learn more about the company and decide whether or not to trust it. So never hesitate to give proper attention to this page.


In Samba’s case, we completely reworked the page about the company. We introduced the company as efficiently as possible to potential customers and added clear calls to action inviting the user to start a free trial of Samba Tech’s platform. This way we were able to create one more important conversion channel on the website.

Check out how our page about Samba Tech turned out (click on the image to expand):


Samba Play: a great paradigm shift… and record-breaking results

After some time working with Samba Tech’s CRO team, we were informed about a great and exciting change that was going to happen in the company: they would soon release Samba Play, the first product aimed at individuals rather than businesses. The idea behind Samba Play from the beginning was to be a platform that offered everything an individual needed to host, distribute and monetize his or her video content.

We immediately saw the great potential behind the product and were very happy to be invited to create Samba Play’s page.

With such an interesting product and with the experience gained in previous tests, we were quite confident in the results this page could bring. Because of that, we decided to once again use the bold strategy of replacing Samba Tech’s homepage for a page on Samba Play.

You can check out how the page turned out here:


And, once again, the results were astounding. In the words of Guilherme Valgas, head of communications at Samba Tech:

guilherme valgas“The results of the new page were startling. We were able to generate, in one week, the same amount of leads we used to generate in a month.”

Guilherme Valgas — Head of Communications at Samba Tech

The truth: overall results

The aggressive increases shown in this study demonstrate that Samba’s and Supersonic’s teams are on the right track when it comes to continuously optimizing conversions.

But nothing speaks louder than the overall results the company achieved:

In our first year of partnership with Samba Tech, the number of leads generated by the company increased by more than 5 times compared to the previous year, beating every record and reaching every sales goal established.

And the pace doesn’t stop there. After that, more positive results from our CRO efforts keep coming, showing no sign of slowing down. And there are a lot of updates to come. Stay tuned.  🙂


Thanks to Samba’s super team

Of course, none of these results were achieved by Supersonic’s merit alone. We are a piece of a very large machine that is well-managed by great professionals such as Gustavo Caetano, Pedro Filizzola, Guilherme Valgas, Fernando Pacheco, and many others. They are the ones who deserve a pat on the back for leading one of the most exciting companies in this continent and introducing constant innovation to our field.

Our job is “only” to generate conversions for their endeavors. We thank them for their trust and for the opportunity to be part of this journey.


[BONUS] Annotated version: learn some of the conversion techniques we used on Samba Play

Download a free version of Samba Play’s website with comments from our team, and learn details of some of the conversion techniques we used throughout the page.

Many of these techniques will certainly be helpful for your own challenges.


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