Who we are, what we do, and why we do it

We turn your visitors into customers.

We are a company that is completely focused on increasing the conversion rate of your site.

And what is a conversion rate? It is nothing more than the percentage of your site visitors who become customers or qualified contacts for your sales team.

Our work is to improve the pages on your site so that they become more effective in the art of turning the largest possible part of your audience into money.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Here is how we began to work with this…

We are eternal nonconformists.

For more than 10 years, both of us worked providing various types of services in Digital Marketing for hundreds of companies.

But one thing always bothered us: companies almost always underutilize their advertising/marketing budget.

For reasons that precede the internet, Digital Marketing projects typically focus the vast majority of their resources on attracting visitors. Funds for sponsored links, banners, Facebook Ads, promotional emails… You know the drill.

But have you ever stopped to think that, with this logic, the math doesn’t work?

Simply bringing visitors generates no value to companies. Visits have a cost. Attraction cost, cost to keep the server online, etc. These costs will only turn into revenue if the visitors turn into customers.

But, amazingly, the Digital Marketing market seems to only be concerned with what comes before the click. When the visitor makes it to the client’s website, the work is done. After that, success will come naturally, right?

Well, you know better than that. Visitors who make it to sites that are subpar or that are simply unable to convince them will never make a purchase, fill out a contact form or anything like that.

That is why we decided we needed to swim against the market’s current.

Some years ago, we began working for organizations outside of Brazil with something called CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). The idea behind CRO is to convert the highest percentage possible of visitors on a website into customers—whether the customer is an e-commerce buyer or a contact generated for a company’s sales team.

We immediately fell in love with the effectiveness of CRO in generating real value (yes, revenue!).

That is why at the end of 2013 we started Supersonic, the first consulting firm in Brazil that focuses all its efforts on turning site visitors into customers—our dear Conversion Optimization. Since then, we have been successfully working for a variety of brands, including some of the most sophisticated Digital Marketing companies in the country.

But we are definitely still nonconformists. And that’s great! After all, that is why we wake up and go to bed every day still passionate about one thing: how do we increase our clients’ conversion rate? And it is this infinite desire to optimize results all the time that will always fuel Supersonic.


Rafael Damasceno and Filipe Reis, founders of Supersonic

Our founders

Filipe Reis

Filipe Reis

  • Has been part of hundreds of projects, including national award-winning Communication ones (ABEMD and ABERJE).
  • Worked in projects for companies such as Petrobras, Iveco, Ânima Educação, and for dozens of small and local businesses.
  • Taught courses in post-graduate institutions and Digital Marketing technical degrees.
Rafael Damasceno

Rafael Damasceno

  • For 10 years, has helped dozens of businesses from different industries, in Brazil and outside of it, to improve their Digital Marketing efforts.
  • Taught post-graduate and MBA courses at universities such as IBMEC and PUC.
  • Frequently speaks at some of the most important Digital Marketing events in Brazil.

Why do our web pages convert more than others?

What allows us to constantly create pages with high conversion rates isn’t just knowing various persuasive techniques.

What truly makes a difference is the fact we created an efficient working process that has been thoroughly tested and approved in different industries.

We call our work methodology “SupernovaTM.

It is the result of many years of learning—the master guide of our work. It ensures we deliver quality pages to our customers in the quickest and most reliable way possible.

We are very proud of the results achieved by Supernova, and we are confident you will be impressed with its effectiveness and accuracy once we begin working together.

And who makes this happen every day?

Our team has years of experience in various areas, such as management, marketing, advertising, economics, and design; besides expertise in many areas of Digital Marketing, such as planning, project management, copywriting, media, usability, web analytics, and so many others.

This plurality of knowledge is one of our great weapons. After all, to perform Conversion Optimization at a high level, you need to be very good at many things.

The 10 pillars of our manifesto

  1. We seek expressive results.

    Every single day.

  2. We work with facts. Not with personal opinions.

    Guesses, vanity, and personal opinions do not have place in high-level marketing.

  3. We live the testing culture.

    No “truth” is accepted until a reliable scientific experiment confirms it.

  4. We have one single focus.

    We accelerate businesses through Conversion Optimization.

    We do not accept working with anything different from this.

  5. We invest 99% of our time delivering measurable results to our clients.

    We do our best to leave bureaucracy and flattery out of our work. What about the remaining 1% of our time? We work to optimize this process.

  6. We prefer what is simple.

    When design favoring functionality and persuasive content come together to solve people’s problems in the simplest way, results surface.

  7. We believe working remotely is the present and the future.

    Our customers are scattered throughout the world, and constant physical presence proves to be expendable in order to deliver consistent results.

  8. It’s always possible to improve.

    Is the conversion rate at 100%? No? Then there is still room to optimize.

  9. High-performance pages matter more than anything.

    Don’t be frightened when you realize how passionate we are about this.

  10. We are slaves to no tool.

    We work with whatever is best for the project, not with whoever pays us commission.

Want to be part of our team?